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How to Reply to a Freelance Writing Gig Ad

If you search online every day, you will find hundreds of ads seeking a freelance writer. Along with these hundreds of ads, come many people wanting the gig. There could be hundreds of applicants that want to work the gig, but the person looking only needs one person. This is why it’s important to stand out when you reply to an ad.

When you reply to an ad, make sure you give the person exactly what he is looking for. If the ad says it wants your resume, samples, and a cover letter, make sure you send all three of them. If you don’t follow the directions, you have a pretty good chance of not getting the gig.

When sending your resume, make sure most people won’t have trouble opening it. Send it as a Word document or in text form. You don’t need it to be fancy. You need it to give information about your knowledge and skills.

The samples you provide should be some of your best work. It should also be relevant to the topic you’ll be writing on for the gig. People want to know how well you can write for them, and the only way to show them that is to give them a sample of that writing.

The cover letter is probably the hardest part. You should never copy and paste your cover letter. It should always be unique to the gig you’re applying to. You should start with something intriguing about yourself. You can then go into the reasons you are perfect for this gig. Don’t make it too long because people won’t read it all. You need to state what’s important and end it with a polite conclusion, which is usually information about how you can be contacted.

Always Be Professional

Don’t take shortcuts because the only person you’ll be hurting is yourself. The first impression you give people looking for a freelance writer is through an email. It could be your only shot at getting the gig, so put your best forward first.

When you receive a reply, don’t get lazy. Respond with the same professionalism as you did with the first email. People can turn you away at any time, so don’t risk it by not responding to their emails with the information they need to make a final decision.

Now that you have this information, go out there and start to apply to freelance writing gigs. Before you know it, you’ll have plenty of work coming in to bring in a decent income.

Responsibilities of a Volunteer in Costa Rica

Becoming a volunteer in Costa Rica is a worthy task, highly appreciated by a large number of people. Unfortunately, there is no point in denying reality and the truth is that the world has to face up to various problems. Whatever their nature might be, it is worth mentioning that the only solution the world is left with is joining powers and working in the benefit of the planet. In other words, people have to do more volunteering. As mentioned in the beginning, Costa Rica is one of the countries in which volunteering is practiced, both by local as well as foreigners. This is the phenomenon that has grown in popularity after concerns have been raised regarding the turtle population. Costa Rica is the appropriate location for mating and nesting in the case of four kinds of turtles, which have been currently named endangered species. Of course, in this part of the world, there are other problems that require the attention of volunteers too. In other words, there are several Costa Rica volunteer opportunities which interested individuals should know of.

In Costa Rica, there are several organizations that focus on bringing volunteers, ready to take part in various projects. Before accepting to be a part of a particular project, all volunteers should be well aware of their responsibilities. For instance, as mentioned before, Costa Rica is home to the Leatherback turtle, specie that is currently fighting extinction. If a volunteer should decide upon this project, then here are some of the tasks he would have to complete. The beaches selected for nesting should be kept clean at all times, as once hatched the baby turtles will head out to the sea. Also, small turtles have to be supervised on their way to the sea, keeping them away from predators. Volunteers will have to do the math and see how many survive. This is a crucial task in the turtle conservation project. As you can see, a volunteer has a rather busy schedule. Choosing a different project only brings different responsibilities, not necessarily less. For instance, animal rescue involves others tasks, sometimes even more challenging. In most cases, volunteers will have to deal with puppies that need constant care and attention. Puppies or kittens are always a handful. Feeding, cleaning habits, guarding animals of all kinds, these are some of the basic responsibilities of all volunteers.

If you decide that this is a task you would like to perform, then consider all responsibilities carefully before participating in a project. In Costa Rica, there are many projects that focus upon the conservation of species. Birds, snakes, turtles, all in need constant care and attention. Sometimes it can be difficult, as the result might not be the expected one. Being a volunteer is not always laughter and joy. This activity can have its sad moments. However, no matter how difficult or tiring it can be, the reward you will be offered is truly overwhelming. Knowing that you have made a difference and helped Costa Rica wildlife remain unchanged is a feeling hard to compare.

Why Events Must Be SOLD?

One of the necessities of operating any not – for – profit organization is that there is a nearly continuous need for raising revenues, usually through a variety of methodologies and approaches. Most organizations have some sort of dues structures, and a certain number of longer term fundraising programs, specifically for identifiable programs or capital needs. In addition, nearly all use some combination of events and fundraising programs, in order to supplement their revenues, as well as enhance their relevance and sustainability. Some of these events include: golf tournaments; conferences and conventions; educational forums; galas; etc. Regardless of the mix of events they use, inevitably they face the reality that no matter how good or important it may be, no event will have the intended or needed success unless it is effectively SOLD to potential attendees. Basically, this means that event leadership must clearly explain the need and purpose, encourage and motivate, and adequately promote the event, or they will generally end up being disappointed with the response and/ or attendance.

1. Begin with a focus where you show why it is important to attend the particular program. Event organizers must recognize that we live in a highly competitive environment, and therefore potential attendees and/ or supporters and sponsors, must feel that there is a value in this particular one. It must be understood, appreciated and respected that this must be a combination of both true and perceived value, and that they must also align with the main values of the group. The best efforts clearly articulate in specific terms why one should support this cause and event.

2. Every potential attendee, sponsor, supporter, and other type of stakeholder generally has a variety of options to choose from, all competing for their support and attention. Therefore, it is essential to motivate them by focusing on the unique aspects and potential opportunities, as well as why this cause is relevant.

3. Begin with taking the time and making the effort to truly learn everything about the organization, its mission, and why others should and might relate more closely, in addition to learning as much as possible about the needs and wishes of potential and actual stakeholders. Then proceed to let others know about the program early on, and as soon and often as possible. Have a plan for how you will promote the event!

4. Great event organizers possess all the finest qualities that true leaders should possess. Most importantly, you can’t merely use rhetoric and make empty promises, but must be certain that those that do attend and support become convinced that you delivered on these, and rather than simply being somewhat subtle about it, dramatically demonstrate why this organization’s events are essential and worthy of continuous support.

Great events don’t just happen. They take far reaching and thorough planning, and must be accompanied by making every possible effort to attract attendees.

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